System Management and Support

System Management and Support

Whether you are a small or midsize company, a larger entity or even one of the known international players in your market, systems will need overview, management and support.

Such a system can be as small as a program on a dedicated desktop and as large as a clustered solution over serveral geographical datacenters.

Keeping track on changes, implementations of patches, access or issues is needed (sometimes even dictated by law) and takes time and resources. Some systems have a little need and are just once a year requried to install a patch. Others have a weekly cyclus including account management and a full rebuild cycle out of office hours.

Depending on the workload on your internal IT department or you just have the desire to stay at your core business, after all not all business have IT as their core business, you need help or assistence.
Rescop can assist, perform maintanance or even takeover the required system managment and support for you so that even a in-house application or in-house server and dedicated software will be experienced as a service you have no worries about. This frees your internal IT department for the need to keep up with specialistic knowledge and procedures and ensures that your system will stay up and running and will be compliant with applicable law, G and vendor rules. If you're business is in pharmacutical products, food or even distriution, you will have systems that are affected by GxP rules. Rescop is one of the leading companies in GxP, with in depth knowledge on GxP, consultants and IT specialists that know your needs in System managment and support.

Case :
A independent pharmacutical production plant had the desire to be prepared for future growth and wanted to check their professional status and compliance. Next to their production plant they wanted to utilize their own laboratory as a certified test facility for other production plants in the pharmacutical business. The company also wanted (on demand of the internal IT department) to simplify their control and validation processes as those processes were done with different programms and systems.
Rescop was requested to perform a GxP based audit, provide feedback and recommendations on the current company operations.  Based on the outcome of the audit and further needs of the client Rescop was asked to deliver to the client the Rescop Suite for Gxp, including dedicated hardware and support. Rescop academy trained client departments in depth on GxP.  The end of the Rescop project provided a situation where the client was GxP compliant, had the internal GxP knowledge needed for their business and future demands and had their GxP suite running stabel and maintained without the need of interaction of their own internal IT department.


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