Rescop Academy in Poitiers at GPHY (Poitiers University) for CSV course

On 12 and 13 September, Rescop Academy will provide a 2-day Computerized System Validation course for the Master "Génie Physiologique, Biotechnologique et Informatique" at Poitiers University. 

This Master study prepares tomorrow's engineers to face new technological challenges in the field of health, and focusses on building dual expertise in biology and IT. In biology health, IT allows to better manage data generated by different experiences. But beyond managing data, one must also create, understand, and validate laboratory software. That is why scientific expertise in both biology and computer is essential. 

Rescop helps Poitiers University for the second successive year in bringing the practice of validating Computerized Systems into the classroom to train the students to acquire computer validation skills while relating this to those of pharmacy and biology. 

About the course:

During this 2-day course it is discussed how computerized systems have to be validated. Where the first day focuses on bringing GAMP 5 in practice, the second day will further discuss how the benefit from Agile development can be leveraged within the strict world of compliance. 

About the teachers:

The course will be provided by our senior trainers Mr. Mark Nelissen and Mr. Richard Mulders.

Mark is an expert in GAMP 5 and has years of practical experience in validation of computerized systems and equipment.

Richard is an expert in the domains of Agile validations, GAMP 5, and Quality Management Systems and has developed the Rescop method for validation during Agile development projects.

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