Making our future a bit more GxP proof


Making our future a bit more GxP proof

Roeland Meijers - Han university of applied sciences

During the first semester of 2016-2017, 24 students of the HAN university of applied sciences (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) have been given the opportunity to follow a GxP course on a professional level, as given by the highly experienced professionals of Rescop. The students  have done this as part of the minor ‘Slim Plannen en Organiseren in de Zorg’, a Dutch study-program of one semester focussed on innovating and improving healthcare processes. During four intensive classes the students learned how traceability and accountability form the core of GxP-compliance. Starting from the need for good practices in the healthcare, both Mrs. Loes Kalkman and Mr. Bert Geilgens took the students on the journey  of the lifecycle of a medical drug, through GLP, GCP, GMP and GDP, to the need for GAMP and finishing with Good Documentation Practices. Every class was furthermore highlighted by a guest lecturer, kicking of the topic at hand. Next to the quality guidelines and regulatory affairs concerning GxP, the students learned much from the hands-on experience and stories of both senior consultants and of the different guest lecturers. Providing the students not only with a sound theoretical basis, but also with sufficient context to properly understand what compliance is all about. When passing the final exam at the end of January 2017, the students will not only finish their minor, but will also be provided with a certificate by the Rescop Academy, proof their acquired knowledge of GxP compliance. With this course Rescop invests in the future of Dutch students with an interest in healthcare and management, adding professional know how and experience. Providing these students with a competitive advantage for their professional future.

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For more information about the minor ‘Slim Plannen en Organiseren in de Zorg’ of the HAN university of applied sciences, check either or send an email to

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