IT Installation and Maintenance

IT Installation and Maintenance

Business is growing, your company grows rapidly. Which means that this could affect the growth within your organization, and is challenging your internal IT department. Demanding users with existing systems, new co-workers needing hardware/equipment. At those moments Rescop is your partner. At Rescop we can setup a (depending on your needs) installation facility so peakloads on your IT department can be avoided. That facility can be on- or off-site, and will be setup according to your WoW (way's of working), SOP's and GxP guidelines. This will ensure that besides a transparent delivery to your co-workers the hardware/equipment is installed in a (company)standard and compliant way. Your employees won't see if a workstation is setup by your own IT department or by Rescop services.

For maintenance, wheter this is a complex software environment, a server or a set of workstations or printers, you need time and personell to ensure compliance aspects are incorporated. These are costly resources and your need varies depending on the matter and the lifespan of the software or hardware. Rescop can help you with this. Depending on your needs and possibilities we can provide maintanance on a schedule. This means that we perform the mainanance as instructed by your vendor according to your needs and demands. This ensures minimal business interuption, vendor compliance and a stabile environment which can be sustained with low efforts and costs. From a GxP compliance company as Rescop you can expect that all will be documented, so you will be audit-ready and paper trails are available. If there is a need we will train your IT department on the usage of the GxP tools and provide inctructions to stay compliant.

A distribution company won a tender to be the prefered distribution channel for a pharmacutical company. Due to that assignment twelve new drivers were needed and six persons in the backoffice. As part of that the company wanted to setup a unified way of laptop delivery, a default load-set (ie. the operating system on the laptops including the applications (like Office 2013), and have the existing workstations exchanged for the new standard. Also the pharmacutical company requested that the company would implement GDP and thus adhere to the pharmacutical guidelines.
Rescop did an initial audit, which determined that besides a lack of correct licence management, no big issues were to be expected. Existing processes and procedures were held against the GDP / GxP rules and formalised so the company could provide proof of GxP compliance to the pharmacutical client. Cooperating with the own IT department 35 laptops were purchased, and the new needed accounts were created. Rescop installed the new laptops with windows 10 and other requested software and exchanged the existing workstations on a user based schedule. For the new employees Rescop setup a delivery point where the new equipment including a short introduction training for the company was given to the new employees. Based on the initial finding Rescop setup a process where software requests, licencing and the maintanance of the software was registrered, keeping the company compliant to the vendors rules.

Rescop Academy setup a custom training in GDP for the employees so that when the project for Rescop endsed, all employees have the needed knowledge and understanding about GDP and GxP in general.


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