GxP regulations

GxP regulations

Companies which operate in regulated industries such as Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Devices face increasing regulatory requirements which they need to comply with. GxP requirements can seem complex and ensuring compliance with them often proves a challenge. Rescop offers a unique combination of Consultancy and Training Services and a software application to guide organizations through these regulations and ensure that they are compliant and inspection ready.

More and more, computerized systems, including automated applications are introduced to improve efficiencies and streamline processes, and these systems need to be maintained in a validated state.

Establishing and maintaining compliance can be time consuming, costly and frustrating. These activities often involve many documents, many requiring physical wet ink signatures, a real logistical challenge as from teams are often spread across the globe.

Rescop has family of products which are built around the concept of Lean and Green Paperless Compliance and has already proven to dramatically reduce the time, cost and frustration for companies around the globe.

Our team of Quality and Compliance professionals work with your organizations established processes to ensure maximum benefit with minimal disruption.

Find out today how Rescop can guide you through the complexities of GxP Compliance and introduce your organization to an efficient, cost effective and green way of working.