GxP Hosting

GxP Hosting

You’re an IT manager working in a company that’s delivering services to the so called 'regulated industries' like the pharmaceutical companies or food industry. Or perhaps you’re a IT manager or demand manager that’s facing the new year’s challenges with the last year downsized internal IT department, and management is chasing you with the buzzword 'cloud' although last year they didn't want to know about it. Management realizes that after the opening of the new office a dedicated line to share your servers and services is costly and not flexible enough compared to your changing needs.

You (want or have to) move away from the local server farm in your datacentre. But cloud? Having your data scattered around a datacentre? Perhaps not even in the same country? Horror phrases like data breach, privacy invasion, loss of control etc. pop up.

BSI Certificatielogo.9001.14001.18001

That’s were Rescop GXP compliant hosting comes in. Normal hosting will provide you with a dedicated or shared server or even just a shared webspace. Which is good, but not adhering to GxP compliance. Rescop will setup your hosting according to your demands with our advice. So a dedicated server or a virtual private server setup according to ISO 9001, ISO14001 and of course ISO 27001. You're in control of the server but if needed or wanted we can provide you with managed (hosting) services so the impact on the internal IT department is low.


A larger pharmaceutical company has acquired a competitor and both companies are merging. Due to this the need to consolidate the two datacentres came up. When it's clear that in the new company working from home and mobile working is encouraged it's decided to migrate data and applications to a centralized data centre at one of the largest providers in the Netherlands. Rescop (being the preferred supplied already on GXP- audits, -software and -consultancy) is asked to take the lead in this process as the merge itself is impacting both companies and internal IT departments.

Rescop delivers a concept for the new way of working where the local office environment is moved to MS Office 365, creating a low support impact on the internal IT department and centralizes version management. Also one benefit of this way of working is that employees at home have the same access and possibilities as those who work in the office, without asking more support from the internal IT department. As growth is expected the MS license is setup as a pay as you go environment, providing quick an flexible possibilities.

Clinical trial data (considered as very sensitive data and important for the product pipeline) and combined R&D data is stored at a dedicated server in the secured datacentre which is set up according to ISO 27001 and has been audited by a Rescop CISA consultant. Two in-house developed applications were migrated to the new solution and available as they were in the past.

After the merge the company, now existing as a headquarter with two satellite offices and 78 sales employees on the road, has a uniform office environment for all offices and home-workers, including the use of mail on smartphones and tablets. Support load is lower due to the standardisation.

The new set up in the new data centre is after a full year of operation more cost-efficient than the own datacentres combined and has less impact on the new company as the hosting is off-site, thus relieving the internal IT department and the facility department from the need of maintaining a high-tech server room. This also helped the company to fulfil the wish to reduce their carbon footprint and be more environmental friendly. An independent check and audit ensured that all data on the servers was secure with a auditable trail on changes and access changes.

Rescop Experts will guide you through each step of the process, including; auditing, implementation, validation and data / application migration. We will share our experience with you to for a long-term solutions to qualify and maintain control over your GxP cloud-based applications.


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