Data Protection and Security

Data Protection and Security

Managing your own Data Protection compliance requires a great deal of specialised knowledge and usually a substantial input of time – reading all the relevant information on the Information Office website is almost a full time job.  We can support you in this, whether it is for a one-off project or ongoing involvement.  To achieve compliance for small and medium sized businesses this is likely to be a much more cost-effective approach than committing a full-time employee.

We have substantial experience in the area derived from counselling diverse service providers and companies in the health sector (e. g. Medical Associations, chemists/pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies). Hence, we are not only familiar with general data protection regulation, but also with the extensive  special legislation on data protection, such as the data protection legislation contained in

Therefore, we are happy to assist patients, doctor’s surgeries/practices, chemists/pharmacies, hospitals, manufacturers, producers and any other participants in the sector in all data protection and IT law related matter.

Dutch Law Data Leaks

A data leak can cause adverse effects on the privacy of the person concerned because the leaked data can be misused. Identity fraud is one example of misuse, but also undesired profiling or the infringement of anonymity is a possibility.

Due to a number of incidents in which large amounts of personal data was exposed, the need for better protection and security of data arose. The result (in the Netherlands) is the introduction of a (Dutch) law, which includes an obligation for responsible parties to report data leaks caused by a security error.

This security error can consist of a technical or organizational failure like poor password management, the loss of an USB stick, an email to a wrong sender or deliberately human acting such as hacking.

According to the Dutch legislator, the notification obligation should result in more awareness, in order to achieve better preserving (and thus restoring the confidence in handling personal data).

With the introduction of a notification obligation the party responsible is obligated to report the data leak. This will force educational and research institutions that process personal data to report certain security breaches that result in theft, loss or misuse of personal data to (both) the Dutch Data Protection Authority and/or the person concerned. In this way data leaks will be prevented that have an unnecessarily large impact on the privacy of the affected individuals.

We can help you to see if you are in compiance with the Dutch Law Dataleaks.

Data Protection Policy

We can help you create a Data Protection Policy adapted to your needs and the way you do things.  This will explain how you comply with Data Protection legislation and best practice.  It will be invaluable to staff and can be used to reassure clients.  We believe that this and other procedures should be written by you with guidance from us; this way you will take ownership of it, it will fit in with your way of working and it will not be expensive.


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