Company Audit or Gap Assessment

Is your organization frequently subject to client audits or regulatory inspections?
Would you like to know the current compliance status of your organization?

To be successful during inspections or (client) audits, it is important to be aware of the potential weaknesses in your organization or department and to mitigate any risks.

Rescop can provide support in this process by performing:

  • An audit of your organization to identify any non-compliances.
  • A gap assessment to identify potential risks and areas of improvement within your organization.

When you chose for an audit, you will have the opportunity to see in a more formal situation how your organization may deal with a potential client audit or inspection. When you chose for a gap assessment, the auditor/consultant may cover the same topics, but will work in a less formal way to identify and discuss potential risks and areas of improvement.

An audit or assessment, will always be concluded with a meeting to discuss the observations identified, and a report will be provided to you, listing all observations.

Rescop can also provide you with a remediation plan including recommendations, and can support your organization in taking the right steps to become fully inspection-ready (see remediation activities). In addition, your organization will be supported in other inspection preparation or inspection readiness activities, such as interview training.

Company Audits or Gap assessments can take place for your entire organization, at departmental level or related to a specific area, process, and/or system.

If you want to learn how company audit or gap assessment will help your organization, contact us.