Automated systems are introduced more and more to support or control business processes. As a result, these processes rely increasingly on the correct functioning of automated systems and reliability of data. On the one hand, this has initiated the emerge of IT system management regulations which have been set up to ensure data integrity and the correct working of systems, in order to protect for example the national security, the health of the citizens, or financial investors. On the other hand, it has made companies aware of the importance of ensuring that automated systems comply with business requirements, especially for critical business processes.

The challenge which is currently faced by the industry is how to (efficiently) establish and maintain compliance of automated systems with business and/or regulatory requirements. Especially, companies struggle with how to deal with the increasing complexity of automated system management and how to handle the collection of the various system components. Moreover, large and/or international companies often have to cope with different regulations, which makes the compliance management task even harder. Another challenge is to integrate the system IT compliance approach with the compliance approach for the business process as a whole.

To assist companies in facing these challenges, Rescop offers software products and services that support in validation and maintaining the validated state of automated systems (CSV) to ensure that these systems comply with business and regulatory requirements. To determine an appropriate approach for quality validation and maintaining the validated state of a given system and to ensure that the right level of effort is employed, a risk-based approach and a decision mechanism are applied. In this way, companies can efficiently employ their resources and target their effort to those aspects which are critical.