Business Architecture

Business Architecture

The business architect applies resources to meet specific business requirements. The architect has a high degree of technical expertise as well as business understanding to determine which information technology investments will yield the best return. Our business architects strive to bring operational efficiency to an organization through information integration and management.

Essential functions and responsibilities

Maintain in-depth knowledge of company's strategic business plans
Provide architectural consulting expertise, direction, and assistance to Analysts, Engineers, and other architects
Document and develop in-depth knowledge of company's existing architecture/infrastructure, and technology portfolio
Develop and maintain an infrastructure capacity plan
Develop, document, communicate, and enforce a technology standards policy
Conduct research on emerging technologies in support of infrastructure development efforts, and recommend technologies that will increase cost effectiveness and infrastructure flexibility
Develop, document, make recommendations, and communicate plans for investing in infrastructure, including analysis of cost reduction opportunities
Design, develop, and oversee implementation of end-to-end integrated systems
Develop and execute test plans to check infrastructure and systems technical performance
Report on findings and make recommendations for improvement
Review new and existing projects, system designs, and procurement/outsourcing plans for compliance with standards and architectural plans


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