About us

Rescop ( Regulatory System Compliance Partners) was founded in 2005 by two corporate auditors. After working several years for a large international pharmaceutical company, they decided to combine their strengths to develop innovative solutions for compliance with GxP regulations.

Our mission
To develop and offer innovative services and solutions to support companies globally in establishing and maintaining compliance with GxP regulations.

Our vision
To become the global leader for GxP compliance services and solutions.

The reason for the founding of Rescop is the development and implementation of Compliance & Quality Management Software. These products are developed by a team of validation engineers and IT auditors on the one hand, and highly educated, certified and experienced software developers on the other hand.

To maintain our knowledge and experience regarding GxP compliance and be able to develop innovative software products, we also provide services in the field of GxP compliance. These include Facility & Technology Services and Solutions, and Quality & Process Management.

Besides our own distribution channels and implementation services, Rescop also collaborates with consultancy companies to distribute and implement our software products.