2-Day Agile Validation Training Basel Switzerland 22th and 23th June 2017

Why should you attend?

Although Agile and Validation feel like a contradiction, Agile development can
help you to efficiently build and validate your systems. Imagine a system can
already be used partly after the first month of development in a validated state.
Rescop Academy can help you with the method and tools to make Agile work,
while maintaining compliance.

What you would learn?

• Rescop Academy’s Agile validation method, which helps you to validate
parts of the system in an early stage.
• Leveraging the benefits of Agile development within the strict world of
• Implementing Agile in practice.
• Differences between small and large projects / programs.
• How to focus on product / system quality instead of on documentation to

2-day course Program
• Module A: Introduction – Terms & Definitions, Regulations
• Module B: Agile – Scrum, SAFe
• Module C: Requirements – User Stories, NFRs, Prioritization
• Module D: Planning & Execution – Sprinting, Backlogs,
Ceremonies, Risk Assessment
• Module E: Verification – Testing, Definition of Done (DoD),
Change & Incident Management
• Module F: Documentation – Waterfall (GAMP 5) versus
Agile (Scrum)
• Module G: Operation – Release & Handover, Maintaining
Validated State
• Module H: Continuous Improvement – SAFe, Regression
Testing, Test Automation
Modules will contain practical cases.

When it will be?

June 22nd & 23th 2017
Hotel Stücki
Badenstrasse 1, CH-4057 Basel, Switzerland


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